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The Junior Lifeguard program is a twice a week one-hour class that is geared towards very active 8 to 14-year-olds who want to run and swim in the ocean. This program is based on the oceanfront and is intended for swimmers who are comfortable in the ocean. The instructors are all certified ocean lifeguards and the program staffs 1 guard for every 6 participants. Junior Lifeguard class does not get cancelled for rainy or cold weather and all children are expected to participate in all activities. Safety is always a priority and if participants choose not to show up or not to take part in all the exercises they will have to forfeit their enrollment in junior lifeguards. The lifeguards make this class a fun way to be active, learn rescue techniques, enjoy running and swimming with like-minded friends and gain general ocean safety-skills.

Aidan Healy

Aidan is a recent graduate of Boston College and a 8-year ocean lifeguard with Saltaire. Aidan grew up in Islip and spent his summers on Fire Island where he found his true calling for making sand castles. From the first time he built a castle he knew he was destined to become an architect and work on the beach. In his free time Aidan loves singing Karaoke Broadway show tunes, going on 50K trail runs, cold water submersion therapy and puppeteering. “I look forward to seeing everyone at JR’s again this summer and look forward to teaching them how to swim in cold water. Kids love it!”

Kiersten DeCamp

Kiersten is a 5-year ocean lifeguard veteran and has completed the Cross-Bay swim twice. Upon finishing the swim last year she famously said “Can I swim back?”. With her love for long distance runs and swims it was her destiny to become an instructor in the JR Lifeguard program. “I’m so looking forward to going on long swims and runs with all the JR’s. Can’t wait!”. Kierstan just finished her sophomore year in college where she majors in Mixed Martial Arts with a minor in the “Dark Arts”.

Molly Lesser

Molly grew up in Saltaire and is currently in medical school at Columbia University. Molly learned to swim in the Saltaire camp and has been an ocean lifeguard since she was 16. Molly’s ability to communicate with dolphins earned her the title of Captain of her Harvard crew team and Captain of the fleet of the Saltaire outriggers. During her down time she loves “teaching the JR’s how to stitch up a wound using sea kelp and how best to bodysurf on Red Flag days.”