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How old does my child need to participate? How are the children divided–by age or by grade?

  • Your child must be 4 years old and their activities are divided by ‘rising’ year or grade for fall 2020. Children who are rising preschool and Kindergarten students are in one set of classes. Children in rising 1st and 2nd grade are in another set of classes. Children in rising 3rd and 4th grade students are in another set of classes. Children in rising 5th or 6th grade students are in another set of classes.


What should my child wear? Do they need to bring anything?

  • SUNSCREEN & HAT–Families please apply or encourage children to apply a layer of sunscreen before their activity. Hats are encouraged-although hat sharing is not permitted.
    ● SHOE POLICY–Due to the potential for injury (broken glass, hot summer boardwalks, bicycle pedals/chains) footwear for recreation programs is strongly suggested . For increased mobility and safety sneakers are required for Field activities during recreation hours (9am to 6pm). Wearing shoes, even flip flops, is strongly suggested for the Art Shed.


Where does my child meet for their activity?

  • CLASS LOCATIONS–Wherever your class is scheduled to happen (Bay, Ocean at Pacific Walk, Field, Art Shed, Bayfront Gazebo) is where your child should go (or child/buddy). There will be a staff member greeting you, taking attendance, and checking that you have done the health screening–please adhere to social distancing when lining up. There will be markers to aid the community in ‘lining up’ (chalk marks, tape marks, cones, spots).


How do I see pictures of all the fun stuff that happens in my child’s activities?

  • I HAVE A QUESTION: Email the Recreation Director Molly Davis molly@saltaire.org
  • GET SOCIAL: We will be posting pictures and fun tidbits on two social media sites at least once a week so follow us on Instagram and like/follow us on Facebook.


Does my child need a swim cap for their swim lesson?

  • Swim caps are optional and not provided

Will my child go swimming in the rain?

  • Children will go swimming in light rain–unless there is bad weather forecast like thunder and lightning.

Is there anything else I should know?

  • Each summer on some days there may be the presence of miniature jellyfish larvae coined ‘bay lice’ which can cause discomfort for some children. Children who usually wear a one piece bathing suit might want to consider a two-piece or tank suit so that the ‘bay lice’ do not get trapped under their bathing suits. Since the Bay and Ocean showers are shut off (state orders) we encourage children to go home and rinse off right after swimming!


When does registration open and close?

  • In order to give us ample time to plan the following week’s activities–going forward we will publish information on Wednesday and then registration will open Thursday. Registration closes Saturday at 11:59am!

I’m on a waitlist-how likely is it I will get a spot?

  • Hard to say. If a spot opens up we will contact you right away and give you a window of time to respond to ‘get the spot.’ Also the waitlist function is a way of monitoring the program ‘popularity’ from week to week so we can see if we need to add additional classes if possible.


What’s up with corkball and soccer? Are they having games?

  • Although we will not have scheduled games, the children signed up for corkball and soccer will learn and practice the skills of each sport. John Woodburn, our Field Program Director, is designing a fun program that will hopefully give the children a traditional taste of ‘team sports’ even though it’s an untraditional year. Participants will receive a hat or tee shirt (due to Covid19 hat shipments may be delayed) and corkball participants must bring their own glove. Helmets and bats are available and will be sanitized in between uses. We strongly suggest wearing a hat under the helmet.


What measures has the recreation taken to make sure my child is safe considering Covid19?

The recreation program is designed with safety in mind. Children will be in small groups (no more than 9) with stable and static supervision–meaning we will work to have the same instructors and counselors each day and week. The activities are also spread out throughout the day to allow the population to have time in between activities to go home, have a snack, wash hands, rest, and if registered–return to another small group activity. The program is a la carte so families can select the activity or activities that serve them best.

S.O.G.S: Saltaire Recreation Department has developed a set of standard operating guidelines or S.O.G.S.–special procedures and protocols specific to each activity–to keep participants safe. The staff has been trained in these protocols and the health director and administration are on hand to insure the safety of the children and the staff. Please contact Molly Davis with questions molly@saltaire.org or the Covid Safety Coordinator covidsafetysaltaire@gmail.com

HEALTH SCREENING: At registration each week you will sign a waiver stating that you understand our Covid policies. Each day from 8:45am to 11:00am at the side entrance of the Village Hall we will have staff members doing our health screening including a temperature check. The staff members are trained by the Covid Safety Coordinator. Any children who are exhibiting signs or symptoms of Covid19 will be referred to the Recreation Director and Covid Safety Coordinator for further evaluation. Until further notice please have both adults and children wear a mask or face covering when approaching the screening station.

SOCIAL DISTANCING and MASKS: Because our program is almost entirely outdoors in a location used exclusively by the program, children will not be required to wear a face covering unless they are entering a closed facility such as the bathroom or Art Shed. Families will be asked to send their child with a face covering–we will provide face coverings for children if needed. Following the state guidelines all staff will be required to wear a mask or face covering at all times. As for social distancing, following the state guidelines every effort will be taken to ensure that the children and staff have no contact/minimal contact and staff will work to keep children 6’ apart whenever feasible. There will be no shared equipment and equipment will be sanitized in between uses.

BUDDY SYSTEM: Preschool and kindergarten children will be required to attend activity sessions with an Activity Buddy: a parent, guardian, caregiver, or family friend who is 16+.

WHY? State guidelines require that there is no contact or minimal contact between children and staff whenever feasible. Developmentally preschool and kindergarten children always need an extra helping hand, literally, to follow directions, rules, and this summer to stay 6’ apart from their friends. The Saltaire Summer recreation staff can ‘guide on the side’ but will not be able to provide those ‘helping hands’ so the Activity Buddy will step in when needed. Please make every effort to send a consistent buddy, and please be aware that the buddy will be required to participate in the screening process.

REFUND POLICY: Registration ends at 12pm on the Saturday prior to the activity week. If a parent or guardian alerts the Recreation office before 12pm on the Sunday prior to the activity week they will receive a 100% refund. If they alert the Recreation office after Sunday at 12pm will receive a 50% refund. A full refund will be given if a family experiences a Covid-related absence that is confirmed with the Covid Safety Coordinator.

*** BAD WEATHER: If light rain is in the forecast we will press on. If very stormy conditions are predicted we will send a message by 8:15am that the program is cancelled for the day. ALL MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED FOR THE DAY’S ACTIVITIES

Updated 7/9/20