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The Basics

What time is camp and how much does it cost?
Saltaire Day Camp morning camp runs daily from 9am to 12pm and our After Camp Programming hours are from 12:15pm to 5:45pm Monday to Thursday. More information about our after camp program will be available in mid-June. Morning camp is $330, Morning Camp plus After Camp Programming is $405. After Camp Programming gives your camper access to 2+ classes per week.


Where should my camper go at 9am?
NEW: Campers will meet on the ball field and check in with their counselors. Camp administration requests that Preschool/Kindergarten and rising 1st grade campers be dropped off by an authorized adult on at least the first day they attend camp. At that point permission can be given for rising 1st grade campers to self report.
What About Bikes?
Rising Preschool/Kindergarten (SEA STARS) and rising 1st and 2nd graders (MOON JELLIES) should park their bikes on the bike racks near the playground. Rising 3rd and 4th graders (DOLPHINS), Rising 5th and 6th+ graders (SHARKS) and staff should park their bikes on the bike racks on Broadway.


What happens at 12pm?
Preschool and Kindergarten campers must be picked up by their authorized adult at the Bay Monday – Thursday and some special Fridays at the field (check the calendar). Rising 1st & 2nd graders will need to be picked up from their last activity at 12pm unless their authorized adult gives permission for the child to self-dismiss to the Group Leader at drop off. All other campers will self-dismiss from their last activity location (see schedules) at 12pm.


What should my camper wear? Do they need to bring anything?
  • SUNSCREEN & BUG SPRAY: It is important to apply sunscreen and bug spray on your camper before arriving at camp. Staff does not apply these products to campers but we can encourage campers to reapply.
  • WATER BOTTLE: We have access to water fountains and coolers/cups – but an additional water bottle is helpful so campers stay hydrated.
  • HAT: Hats are encouraged-although hat sharing is not permitted.
  • CAMP T-SHIRT: Each camper will receive 1 Saltaire Day Camp T-shirt which must be worn on Fridays
  • SHOE POLICY: Due to the potential for injury (broken glass, hot summer boardwalks, bicycle pedals/chains) footwear for camp is strongly suggested. Sneakers are required for Field and activities as well as soccer and corkball during camp for increased mobility and safety.
  • BACKPACK: Campers who have a backpack available will find it easier to carry their items


What should my camper wear on swim days?
Wearing a bathing suit under clothes is a simple option. Campers can also bring their bathing suit and change. As in other years our youngest swimmers will swim last so that they can change right after camp if needed. Please pack a towel with your camper’s name written on it.
Does my camper need a swim cap?
Swim caps are optional. Please send one in your camper’s bag and tell the group leader – and we will make sure they wear it.
Does my camper need floaties or personal floatation devices if they cannot swim?
For safety purposes campers are NOT permitted to use personal floatation devices during camp. At times they will be provided with a kickboard, noodle or barbell for instructional purposes.
Will my camper go swimming in the rain?
Campers will go swimming in light rain–unless there is bad weather forecasted like thunder and lightning In that case we will switch to a special rain day schedule.
What is the deal with swim testing?
Campers will be swim tested at the beginning of July and beginning of August – OR when they start camp if it is not at the beginning of each month. Swim tests will take place during the camper’s regular swim time.
Is there anything else I should know?
Occasionally there may be the presence of miniature jellyfish larvae coined ‘bay lice’ which can cause
discomfort for some campers. We will make every effort to make sure campers rinse off after swimming. Campers who usually wear a one-piece bathing suit might want to consider a two-piece or tank suit so that the “bay lice” do not get trapped under their bathing suits.
Do the campers do anything else in the water but swimming lessons?

Yes! Read below.

  • Monday Funday is when your campers of all ages will get the chance to play some traditional water games like Marco Polo or silly games like Water Dance Party. In addition to teaching swimming skills, we believe seeing the water as a place to have fun is critical to the success of our swim program.
  • Ocean/Ocean Games under the guidance of our experienced ocean lifeguards, campers of all ages will get the chance to travel to the ocean side of Saltaire for beach games, learning about the ocean and marine life, and more. Campers in 3-6th grade who are progressing in their swim lessons will learn how to safely enter and exit the ocean.


Will there be a swim team in 2022?
This summer in light of the ongoing pandemic we are continuing a modified Saltaire Swim Team for campers ages 7+ during after camp.
How can your camper participate?
  • Your family must select “Both Morning and Afternoon” programming during registration.
  • 7 year old campers will be administered a swim test to make sure they can participate safely.
  • Swim Team practices will start Monday, July 11 at 8am at the Bay Front Monday-Thursday. In house (Saltaire vs. Saltaire) ‘Swim meets’ will be at the Saltaire Bay Front Thursdays 12:45pm. The first Swim Meet will be Thursday, July 21.
  • Swim Team Participants should wear a navy or blue swimsuit (ideally) and participants will be given goggles and a Saltaire swim cap.


Does my camper ever get snacks or food?

Yes! Snack is back! The camp will provide 1 serving of snack that will be served to the groups mid-morning and ice pops for special occasions. No nuts or nut products will ever be served. Campers may not bring snacks from home. Campers with allergies should contact the Camp Director and Medical Director. Contact info: Medical Director:

My camper has an allergy/needs medication/carries an epi-pen/has a medical issue - who do I talk to?
Please make sure that you contact the Medical Director about any food, drug, or environmental allergies. Medical Director: A doctor’s order is required for all medications. Please be aware that we do not carry any medications such as epi-pens. The Camper is responsible for carrying any medications, if they are needed.
What measures has the camp taken to make sure my camper is safe considering Covid19?
Since the outset of the global pandemic in 2020 we have made every effort to ensure a safe and fun environment for campers and staff. In light of that commitment, and since access to vaccination has expanded to include most of our camp population, full vaccination is required for both campers and staff. Religious and Medical Exemptions are a possibility, and families can check the camp website for more information. Currently, any camper who is 4 years old or is born before May 25, 2017 will not fall under the vaccine mandate. As it states in our registration policy, we cannot guarantee that your camper will not interact with unvaccinated campers. As for staff, any staff who are granted a religious or medical exemption will be required to test weekly at a facility.
What about masking?
No masks will be required outdoors, unless campers and staff want to wear their masks voluntarily. Masks will be required by all campers and staff regardless of vaccination status when indoors for longer than 15 minutes.
What is the refund policy?

50% Refund of any Program Session (1-Week Session for Camp and Monthly Session for Junior Lifeguarding) payment will be given if the session is canceled in writing by the parent/guardian at least 14 days before the session starts. If a written cancellation notice is given after the 14-day deadline, no refund will be given. If the Camper or a direct-contact family member has a confirmed positive COVID test before or during their session, partial refunds will be considered in consultation with the Recreation Medical Director on a case-by-case basis. All refund requests approved pursuant to this policy will be issued after camp season is over.

How will After Camp work?
Each week the After Camp classes for the following week will be posted on the Village Hall camp bulletin board (Pomander and Broadway) and posted on the camp website under the After Camp tab. The After Camp class teachers will have a list of eligible campers – meaning, campers who are registered for morning camp AND afternoon camp. The class attendance will be first come, first-served. As the campers enter the class, the teacher will add their name to the attendance. Then the fun begins!
What if I register for After Camp, but I don’t use it? Do I get a refund?
Yes – if you register for morning camp PLUS after camp, you can drop the after camp piece and get a refund as long as you contact the camp director in writing (via email) 14 days or more before your registered week(s) begin. All refunds will be processed at the end of camp.
What if I didn’t register for the Morning and Afternoon programming, but my camper wants to participate or I want them to participate?
Contact the camp director and we will see if we can accommodate your request. No guarantees.
What if I only want my camper to participate in ONE of the classes offered? Can I get a prorated fee?
No, sorry. It’s a package deal! By registering you get access to all classes for your age group.
What if the class is full?

If we have reached the maximum number of participants who can safely participate in the activity – we will make a note of who and how many campers did not get a chance to participate. If there are 3+ campers who missed out we will make every attempt to schedule another section of the class for the week. No refunds will be given if we were able to schedule another class. Please know we will be monitoring the attendance and we will be able to change and adapt the schedule as needed to accommodate our campers and families. The goal is for every registered camper to have unlimited access to after camp classes and we will do our best to make that happen.

How do I see pictures of all the fun stuff that happens at camp?
We will be posting pictures and fun tidbits on our camp’s two social media sites a few times a week so follow us on Instagram @saltairesummercamp and Facebook Saltaire Day Camp & Recreation @saltairecamp


How do you decide which group my camper will be in?
Campers are assigned to groups based on their school level or rising grade in Fall 2022:

What if my camper has friends in an older or younger group?
Campers will be required to stay in their assigned age group. Why?

During summer camp children participate in activities divided by developmental level. The goal is for campers to feel confident and successful as they learn or practice skills in a group of campers that are developing at a similar rate. If campers are placed in a group where they are much younger, they can get overwhelmed or feel ‘out of their league’ with mature campers whose skills are more advanced. We understand you might feel your camper is highly skilled, socially steady and confident–and ready for the challenge. That might be true AND the camp policies are developed in the best interest of the entire camp community as a whole. When placed in their age/grade level appropriate assigned pod your highly skilled and confident camper will experience being a leader in their group, and that experience will be invaluable to their social emotional development.

In some rare instances a camper may not be developmentally ready to tackle the age group to which they should be assigned. Our goal is for the camper to feel confident and successful, so camp administration will work with families and may assign the camper to a younger pod so the camper will hopefully build confidence and feel like a leader.

We stick to this rule for consistency and fairness. If we started making exceptions then the pods would turn into a mish mosh of ages. Yes, camp can be a time to hang with friends-but remember it’s also a time to meet and make NEW friends! “Every friend was once a stranger” the old saying goes.

Why might there be smaller groups within one age group?
Within an age grouping the Group leaders may create two or more small groups to ensure safe and orderly
participation in a scheduled activity. Small group assignments are entirely at the discretion of the Group
Leaders and the camp administration.

Still have questions? Email Molly Davis