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Hello, Families!

We are trying something new with After Camp! If you register for “Morning & Afternoon” programming, your camper will have access to any after camp offering in their age group – and there will be 2 + offerings per week for all campers. WHY? Well, we hope this will be easier for you because we heard you – the registration system in ‘20 and ‘21 was labor intensive. And – of course – we hope this new approach will be more fun for your campers!

So, how will it work? Each week the After Camp classes for the following week will be posted on the Village Hall camp bulletin board (Pomander and Broadway) and posted on the camp website under the After Camp tab. The After Camp class teachers will have a list of eligible campers – meaning, campers who are registered for morning camp AND afternoon camp. The class attendance will be first come, first-served. As the campers enter the class, the teacher will add their name to the attendance. Then the fun begins!

What if the class is full?

If we have reached the maximum number of participants who can safely participate in the activity – we will make a note of who and how many campers did not get a chance to participate. If there are 3+ campers who missed out we will make every attempt to schedule another section of the class for the week. No refunds will be given if we were able to schedule another class. Please know we will be monitoring the attendance and we will be able to change and adapt the schedule as needed to accommodate our campers and families. The goal is for every camper to have unlimited access to after camp classes and we will do our best to make that happen.

What if I register for After Camp, but I don’t use it? Do I get a refund?

Yes – if you register for morning camp PLUS after camp, you can drop the after camp piece and get a refund as long as you contact the camp director in writing (via email) 14 days or more before your registered week(s) begin. All refunds will be processed at the end of camp.

What if I didn’t register for the Morning and Afternoon programming, but my camper wants to participate or I want them to participate?

Contact the camp director and we will see if we can accommodate your request. No guarantees.

What if I only want my camper to participate in ONE of the classes offered? Can I get a prorated fee?

No, sorry. It’s a package deal! By registering you get access to all classes for your age group.

What will be offered and when?

Below are two sample schedules so you get the idea of what will be offered – we are working on finalizing our programming for the first two weeks and should have those finalized and on the website by mid-June 2022. Stay Tuned!

–Molly Davis, Camp Director ‘22