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Meet the Team

Keith Miller



Camp Director

Keith Miller started his journey in 1974 at age 4 as a camper in Saltaire Day Camp. Saltaire Day Camp is where Keith learned to swim, participate in a variety of sports and create arts and crafts.

Keith played Division 1 soccer in college while pursuing his business degree. He considers himself fortunate to have worked in sports since graduating college. For the past 20 years, he has co-owned MetroSoccerNY which provides adult & youth Soccer programs to NYC and beyond. Keith and his business partner Ian Walker formed PlayStudyWin, a 501C3 that provides adult and youth sports programming for Brooklyn Bridge Park and underserved students of the NYC Schools. These companies have provided an array of activities such as Lego Robotics, Dance, Steel Drumming, Percussion with found objects, Dramatic Arts, Life Skills, Cooking, Soccer, Golf, Basketball, Stem, Flag Football, Health & Wellness, Yoga, Fashion Design, and many others to both children and adults.

Through all this, it was the friendships and the love for this unique Saltaire world that kept Keith coming back each Summer. Saltaire was always his #1 choice for a summertime place to relax, have fun and compete in the Perlberger Cup.

Joining Keith in Saltaire this summer will be his wonderful wife of 12 years Jennifer, his 7 year old son Cole, and his 1 year old daughter Kennedy.

Keith considers the lessons learned and the friendships gained during his 48 years in Saltaire monumental to his success and overall happiness. Keith can not wait to bring all of his experience full circle back to Saltaire Day Camp where his fondest childhood memories stem from. He looks forward to providing his 2 children and all the children of the Saltaire Day Camp a fun and memorable Summer.